A Simple Act of Kindness

The CAREGIVERS Issue, Vol 3, No 4 (Aug/ Sept 2018)

Submission Deadline: Sunday, July 1st, 2018

When you heard those words, "you have cancer," who among your friends and family immediately rose to the challenge of supporting you in your darkest hours? Who had your back and you knew without a doubt you could count on? Anyone? Sometimes when cancer comes along, friends and family disappear. That's the sad truth. Cancer can be quite lonely. Sometimes spouses can't handle it, friends don't get it. 

But some friends and spouses, moms and dads, totally get it. They step up BIG TIME. Those are the stories we would like to hear about for our Aug/Sept issue highlighting the often unsung heroes who stand behind us, the caregivers. Who stepped up for you, and what is an example of something they did for you that blew you away by how kind it was? Let's create a list so that when others are looking for ways to support someone going through breast cancer, they have a list of go-tos.

For this month's Reader Question, we want to hear from you. Answers to this question will be printed in the inaugural CAREGIVERS issue of Wildfire to be published on or around Aug 6th. If we choose to print your answers, you'll receive a complimentary 12-month digital-only subscription to Wildfire (a $60 value).

Please submit your answers using the following form. Note that printed answers may be edited slightly for clarity or length (keep your answers under 300 words total to minimize the likelihood of editing). We look forward to hearing from you! ~April

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