Coming: December 1, 2018

How do you tell your kids you’ve been diagnosed with cancer? How do you make your hair loss less scary to small people? What do you say when they ask if you are going to die?

How do you make sure you all get through this terrible time as ok as possible?

Introducing our “PARENTING” issue, dedicated to all those who have dealt with not only the trials of a breast cancer diagnosis but have done it while also wearing the “Mom” hat. Neither job is easy — patient or care provider — and doing both at the same time can be overwhelming on a good day. So many decisions! So much to do when all you really want is to crawl under the covers.

With more than 30 contributors, this issue is BIG and packed with stories of women who’ve been down this road, sharing what they did, didn’t do, and would do over if they could go back. Reading their stories and seeing their pictures will answer your questions and give you a light to follow in a dark tunnel. You are not alone.

We are excited to announce our beautiful cover model, Holly Cubitt. Holly was diagnosed at age 32 while still breastfeeding her two-year-old daughter -- a story all too familiar to those of us diagnosed in the time following pregnancy. Holly remembers of the day of the photoshoot: “Going into the shoot with [photographer] Cassandra Jones, we talked extensively about what the story was that we wanted to tell. Leading up to it, I was exited! The day of, I was riddled with self-doubt and fear! For the first time in my life, I was photographed without hair and makeup on. It was terrifying. Cass made me feel like a goddess. She thanked me for showing up just as me. Right where I was. No hair on my head or lashes. Sadness in my heart, but also that warrior strength and tenderness to survive for my kids. Looking back now, the image is so powerful. It jabs me right in the feels. I often just cry when I see it. How far I’ve come, how supported I was in that moment. Was that really me? I see a goddess fighting for her life, still smiling because she had the love of her kids, family and her tribe.”

The PARENTING issue is set to release digitally on Dec. 1, 2018, with physical copies mailing within 7-10 days. To get your copy, ensure you are subscribed to WILDFIRE. Individual print copies of the magazine will be available for pre-order in the coming weeks. (Can’t wait till Dec 1st? There is a beautiful PARENTING issue chock full of stories, advise and resources (plus interviews with kids themselves!) from our first year available in the archives.)