PARENTING (Dec '18, Jan '19) Print Copy


PARENTING (Dec '18, Jan '19) Print Copy


PARENTING (WITH BREAST CANCER), Vol 3, No 6.  Digital Release: Dec. 1, 2018; First Mailing: Dec 7-10, 2018

104 pages, Booklet style: 4.5" x 5.5"

Cover model: Holly Cubitt


Six Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Child Through Your Cancer by Danielle Cooper | A Broken Mama by Borah Lee | The Final Resting Place… For Breasts by Rebecca Pine | Photo Story: She Sparkles On: Pregnancy After Cancer by Meghan Koziel | My Silver Lining by Emily Hopper | From Boobfull to Boobless by Sienna Cordoba | There’s a Hairball in My Lunchbox by Kelsey Bucci | Pregnant with Cancer by Hail Erdmann | Unbreakable Bonds: Lifelines for a Lifetime by Cathy Parker | Clever Costumes for Bald People by Ramona Robinson | Walking Through Breast Cancer with Teen Boys by Kim Harms | A Son’s Perspective: Love, Laughter, and “The Cleveland Show” by Catherine Gigante-Brown and David Brown | Living with MBC: I Am Not a Statistic by Teshya Russo

PLUS: Help a Mama Out: Reader Stories | Doing Yoga With Children | Deep Comfort and Delight: Nutrition | Cashew Scream: Recipe |  Writing Prompt: My Heart, My Love

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