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(IN)FERTILITY (Vol. 2, No. 5) Feb/Mar 2018

Guest Editor: Melissa McAllister

Flipping the Fertility Coin by Claire DiCenzo | No by Melanie Childers | The Art of the Body: An Art Story by Marianne Duquette Cuozzo | My Truth by Shana Rains | Living in the Chaos of Forced Menopause by Natasha "Pineapple Girl" | Dear Future Child by Diana Vega | My Whirlwind Two Weeks of Fertility Treatments by Allisyn Kalb Perez | What to Expect When You're Not Expecting: Fertility Resources 

PLUS: Reader Stories | Nature Warrior Yoga | The Secret of Cooking for One | Salmon Nicoise with Olive, Mint, and Capers Vinaigrette |  Writing Prompt: To Love What is Mortal


MBC: YOUNG & STAGE IV (Vol. 2, No. 4) Nov/Dec 2017

Just Fine: A Poem by Kisha Lee Hendrix | Fighting for a Diagnosis by Faith Kosmack | Flat at Last: A Photo Story by Chiara D'Agostino | Living a Fulfilling Life Despite MBC by Rebecca Hall Dickson | Why Pinktober Makes Me Want to Puke by Kisha Lee Hendrix | Above All, I Choose Joy by Katie Edick | S-E-X by Krista Curley | Lice Doesn't Care If You Have Cancer by Melanie Masterson | I am Clear, Not Cured by Dana Dinerman | Rising From the Ashes with Ginger Johnson | Final Thoughts on MBC: 2nd Annual Stage IV Stampede by Beth Fairchild and The Emotional Whiplash of My Wife's MBC by Kevin Hislop

PLUS: Reader Stories | Love Thy Spine Yoga | Feeling the Chaos? Food Can Help Your Mood | Triple Brittle Recipe |  Writing Prompt: The One Thing


NEW NORMAL (Vol. 2, No. 3) Sept/Oct 2017)

In Service of Other Young Survivors by Felicia Mahone | Blessing in Disguise by Summer Adcock | The Bald Bombshell: A Photo Story by Shellie Long Kendrick | Self-Love Was the Hardest Thing to Learn by Renee Sendelbach | Intimacy and Nipplelessness by Jessica Semmel | In Search of a Workout That Doesn't Hurt My New Body by Emily-Kate Niskey | Rising From the Ashes with Dana Stewart and Marnie Rustemeyer | Living with MBC: My New Normal by Faith Kosmack 

PLUS: Reader Stories | Standing Strong Yoga | The Immune System: What Is It? | Avocado Citrus Salad Recipe | Triple Citrus Cooler Recipe | Writing Prompt: A Strange Gift


BODY (Vol. 2, No. 2) July/Aug 2017

Guest Editor: Dana Dinerman

Privilege by Christi Salcedo | Molting by Stori Nagal | Haus of Volta Pinups: A Photo Story | Diary of a Mastectomy and Reconstruction by Renata Gortan | Summer Styles for Survivors by Survivors | Rising From the Ashes with Tara Dunsmore and Tina Doueihi | Lemonade from Lemons: Beautiful Chest Tattoos with Starling Wickes and Mandy Giannattasio | Living with MBC: Fighting with Myself by April Doyle

PLUS: My Body, My Choice Reader Stories | Open Your Chest Yoga | Your PhD in Healing With Food | Magic Mineral Broth Recipe | Writing Prompt: Scars

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LOVE: How Our Cancer Affects Our Closest Relationships (Vol 2, No 1) May/June 2017

The Love that Holds Me Together by Rebecca Hall Dickson | Love Is... by Nalie Agustin | 10.1.2065 by Summer Adcock | Love. At Last. by Leslie Marcinko | Alone into the Alone: A Mother Daughter Relationship Tested by Natalia Ivanova | A Wonderful Disaster by Lara Honnor | The Sex Thing: Takeaways and Practical Advice for Rebuilding Intimacy Today | Cancer Owl by Matthew Pew Mewhorter  

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MBC: YOUNG & STAGE IV (Vol 1, No 5) October 2016

MBC Patients "Stampede" for More in Washington by Beth Fairchild | My Teacher Has Cancer by Amanda Ross | NED by Lily R. Young | My Son is My Miracle by April Doyle | Learning to Live by Jamie Burchfield | Renee in Cancerland introducing Artist Renee Sendelbach | Working Invisibly With MBC by Faith Kosmack | Bonus: Melanie Masterson, Faith Kosmack, Shelie Long Kendrick, Lisa Cannon, Rebecca Hall Dickson

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NEW NORMAL (Vol 1, No 3) July 2016

Running Away by Jenn McRobbie | The Story of Goo & Gull by Shellie Long Kendrick | Catalyst by Stori Nagel | Nobody's Perfect by Emily-Kate Niskey | My New Normal by Marcia Snyder | An Ounce of Prevention and a Pound of Cure by Bionic Boobies | Confronting the Jerk in the Mirror by April Johnson Stearns | My Ordinary World is in the Pool by Rebecca J. Hogue | Waiting for My Fix by Suzanne Zuppello



PHOENIX (Vol 1, No 1) March 2016

Hair by Rebecca Hall Dickson | The "C" Word by Nalie Agustin | I'll Never Wear a Wedding Ring by Nicole McLean | Just Hold Me by AnnMarie Otis | WTF?! by Bionic Boobies | Not Quite Alive by Dona Bumgarner | Homecoming by April Johnson Stearns | My Hail Mary Pass by Lori Medlen | A Friend's Unique Post-Op Gift by AnnMarie Otis and Genevieve Fridley | About the Bewbies! by Tracey Noce

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