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October / November 2019 | Vol. 4, Issue 5

Guest Editors: MJ DeCoteau, Tania Kwong, and Emily Piercell, Rethink Breast Cancer

Cover model: Nadine Parsons


Deliver the Day poem by Teva Harrison | Love… And Metastatic Breast Cancer by Abigail Johnston | Rainbow Connection by Renee Kaiman | Twenty-Five by Savanah Ponce | Thrive to Shine a photo story by Nadine Parsons | Collateral Damage by Patricia Stoop | SOS by Vesna Zic-Cote | Journey to Advocacy by Deborah Croskrey | I’m in a Hurry a poem by Marie-Claude Belzile | Edwin by Ashley Fast | Seasons by Johanna Tran | Evolving Soul by Tameka Johnson | Never All Better by Adriana Capozzi | I Did Everything Right by Cancer Confessions

PLUS: Outside In: Reader Stories | The Warrior Language of Yoga & MBC | Mediterranean Magic: Is it All in the Olive Oil?: Nutrition | Roasted Olives With Citrus & Herbs: Recipe | Tell Your Story: The One Thing

Additional Contributors: Rebecca Hall Dickson, Rebecca Katz, Sarah Blackmore, Myra Camino, Vivian Chu, Sharon Coulter, Kelli Davis, Melaie De Souza, Melissa Kaufman, Shellie Long Kendrick, Kelly Shanahan, Terlisa Sheppard, Danielle Thurston, Rebecca Timlin-Scalera, Karla Tolstoy, Karen Wall

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August / September 2019 | Vol. 4, Issue 4

Guest Editor: Janine Guglielmino, Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Cover model: Esther Carlos


Intimacy: Before and After by Catherine Gigante-Brown | Riding Shotgun by Ann Camden | Ready for Love by Carrie Kreiswirth | What Goes Missing by Catherine Guthrie | Sweet Disposition a photo story by Esther Carlos | All the Stuff They Never Told Us an anonymous interview between husband and wife | Strange Bedfellows by Catherine Sumner | Broken Mirror a poem by Caroline D. Ethier | The Time Before Grief by Emily Garnett | Borrongonga by Ivania Romero | Choosing Fate by Kaposia Blackwell | Caregiver Perspective: The Chair by Shawna King-Lobmiller | In Sickness and in Health? words by Kim Maddi

PLUS: The Bonds That Make Us: Reader Stories | Finding Balance: Yoga | Getting to the Other Side, With Love & Gratitude: Nutrition | Dahl Fit For a Saint: Recipe | Tell Your Story: Just Blogging Through

Additional Contributors: Irina Brooke, Liz Golia, Cat Levitt, Sheila McGlown, Johanna Tran, Dana Turczak, Ashley W., Starling Wickes, Marianne Cuozzo

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June / July 2019 | Vol. 4, Issue 3

Cover model: Stori Nagel

Tears in the Shower a poem by Tina Conrad | Each Body Part Has a Story to Tell by Shelley Moreno | It’s About Identity, Not Vanity a story about Beth Fairchild by Christine Corrigan | Lines and Curves a photo story by Melissa Jansen | Coming to Terms With This Body by Melissa Blanchenay | Pink is More a poem by Rosanne Feder Carter | Getting Something Off My Chest: An Explant Tale by Gina LaPapa | What’s in a Bra? by Keira Kotler | Grace by a photo story by Charise Isis | Previvor Perspective: The Lengths We Go to Heal by Kristen Carbone | Living with MBC: Betrayed, Broken and Blessed by Ann Camden

PLUS: The Only Opinion That Matters: Reader Stories | Release: Yoga | Protein is Primary: Nutrition | Italian White Bean Salad: Recipe | Tell Your Story: My Life, As Told By My Body

Additional Contributors: Becky Adelson, Stephanie Arnold, Irina Brooke, Beatrice Compagnon, Allyson Crow, Jill Curtis, Ashley Elliott, Stephanie Hodges, Marissa Holzer, Susan Perez, Jocelyn, Shannon L., Sara Kelly, Colette Hoang, Hannah Tomlinson

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April / May 2019 | Vol. 4, Issue 2

Cover model: Diana Vega

It’s OK a poem by Tina Conrad | Deciding to be Brave by Shauna Davidson | Untouchable a Photo Story by Diana Vega | The Best Version of Myself by Kathy Diaz | Ten Hours a Week by Janelle Linares | Clean Living for a Dirty Girl by Tanya McLaughlin | Mascara a poem by Tawny Rachelle | Cancer May Not Be a Choice, But Style and Attitude Are by Aya McMillan | The Mental Health Side of Cancer by April Renn | A Cold Night, Inappropriate Clothing, and the Pacific Northwest by Danielle Thurston | Living with MBC: Living in the In Between by Amy Schnitzler

PLUS: It’s Me Time: Reader Stories | When Self Care Becomes Survival: Yoga | Sustenance for Uncertain Times: Nutrition | A Perfect Cup of Matcha: Recipe | Tell Your Story: First, Last, Best, Worst

Additional Contributors: Dani Farris, Emily Garnett, Sumayya Jahaar, Melissa Kaufman, Ellen Kufner, Stacy Lamontagne, Brenda Levin, Susan Lorimor, Mel, Jennifer Rose, Wanda Rose, Heidi S, Dana Stewart, Johanna Tran, Stacy Vargas, Debbie Wampler, Marianne DuQuette Cuozzo

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February / March 2019 | Vol. 4, Issue 1

Cover model: Kelly Iverson

Contents:Pink/Teal a poem by Alexandra Weiss | Diary of a Preventative Mastectomy by Susan Walton | Before Angelina Jolie by Karen Malkin Lazarovitz | Go Lightly, Go Flat by Jessica Sklar | I Removed My Breasts, Then I Removed My Implants by Amber Hutchinson | I Dedicate This Life to My Family by Andria Benavidez | Photo Story: SEX After BMX/PMX by Kelly Iverson | Inside a poem by Shar Schmidt | Call Us Mutant by Lisa Sucharski and Caroline E. Sucharski | From Mom I Got Strength, Led Zepplin and PALB2 by April Renn | Genetic Mutations and Family by Abigail Schroeder Johnston | My Story, My Way by Kaitlin Christine | Living with MBC: Tree of Odds by Ann Camden

PLUS: My Genes, My Body: Reader Stories | Do You Give Genetics Too Much Credit: Yoga | Dial Up the Flavor and Your Health: Nutrition | Toasty Spiced Roasted Potatoes: Recipe | Tell Your Story: Write From Your Scars, Not Your Wounds

Additional Contributors: Mackenzie Alleman, Nicole Garcia, Renata Gorton, Kellie Goss, Angie Karamchandani, Meghan Koziel, Borah Lee, Melanie Penn, Rebecca Pine, Shannon Pulaski, Tracey Weiss

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Vol 3, No 6 Dec. 2018 / Jan. 2019

Cover model: Holly Cubitt

Six Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Child Through Your Cancer by Danielle Cooper | A Broken Mama by Borah Lee | The Final Resting Place… For Breasts by Rebecca Pine | Photo Story: She Sparkles On: Pregnancy After Cancer by Meghan Koziel | My Silver Lining by Emily Hopper | From Boobfull to Boobless by Sienna Cordoba | There’s a Hairball in My Lunchbox by Kelsey Bucci | Pregnant with Cancer by Hail Erdmann | Unbreakable Bonds: Lifelines for a Lifetime by Cathy Parker | Clever Costumes for Bald People by Ramona Robinson | Walking Through Breast Cancer with Teen Boys by Kim Harms | A Son’s Perspective: Love, Laughter, and “The Cleveland Show” by Catherine Gigante-Brown and David Brown | Living with MBC: I Am Not a Statistic by Teshya Russo

PLUS: Help a Mama Out: Reader Stories | Doing Yoga With Children | Deep Comfort and Delight: Nutrition | Cashew Scream: Recipe | Writing Prompt: My Heart, My Love

Additional Contributors: Kim Bowles, Kathy Diaz, Katie Fink, Rasee Govindani, Monica Haro, Sofia Jigrud, Stephanie Massey, Sondra Price, Ronni Pruitt, Shar Schmidt, Delores Turnbow

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Vol 3, No. 4 October/November 2018

Cover model: Maggie Kudirka aka “The Bald Ballerina”

Live Like You’re Dying by Rebecca Scheinkman | Who Are the Survivors? by Melissa Allbritten | Photo Story: Still Dancing by Maggie Kudirka | Milestones and Mets: An Unsent Letter to My Twin Daughters by Ann Camden | The Story Spinsterella: A Modern Fairy Tale by KillerTit | Making Memory Boxes by Abigail Johnston | Practical Tips for Metastatic Breast Cancer Advocates by Katherine O’Brien | Write Your Own Story by Tricia Russo | Living with MBC: Laughing in the Face of Death by KillerTit

PLUS: Accidentally on Purpose: Reader Stories | Just to Stay Standing (Partner Poses): Yoga | Ode to Chai: Nutrition | Turmeric and Cinnamon Masala Chai: Recipe | Writing Prompt: An Education on Living

Additional Contributors: Chiara D’Agostno, Dana Dinerman, Beth Fairchild, Ashley Gunter, Faith Kosmack, Melanie Masterson, Amanda Ross, Rebecca Timlin-Scalera


The Caregivers

Vol 3, No 4. August/September 2018

Cover: Marisa Renee Lee

Cancer Worlds Collide by Megan-Claire Chase | Dear Ned by Jeralyn Eustace | Battling Breast Cancer: A Personal Agenda by Marisa Renee Lee | Well, Let’s Start a Podcast by Danielle Hernandez | In Sickness and In Health by Shawna King-Lobmiller | The Sheltering Tree by Christine Corrigan | I Call Her Mother by Diana Mae Vega | Sisters and Survivors: A Photo Story by Carey Kirkella | Sending All My Love… by FaceTime by Svetlana Chernienko | The Luckiest Sister Tawny Rachelle | Finding the Other 12,149 by Allie Brudner | Take Good Care: A Collection of Poems by Cathy Gigante-Brown | Living with MBC: Remembering Dee by Kevin Hislop

PLUS: An Act of Kindness: Reader Stories | Lean on Me (Partner Poses): Yoga | The Best Diet for Your Brain: Nutrition | Shrimp Stuffed Avocados 2.0: Recipe | Writing Prompt: The Wild and the Weak

Additional Contributors: Ann Camden, Hannah Tomlinson, Melissa Kaufman, Brenda Levin, Lauren Oxenhandler

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cover FINAL.jpg


Vol. 3, No 3. June/July 2018

Cover: Activist/entrepreneur Shay Sharpe

Radical Acceptance by Stephanie McLeod-Estevez | Exposed Photo Story by Carey Kirkella | Puberty in Purgatory at Thirty-One by Lauren Oxenhandler | At Last, Perfectly Imperfect by Cathy Parker | Transformation: The Butterfly Series by Annie Dennison | Much Ado About Nipples by Christine Corrigan | Just a Glitch by Beatrice Compagnon | Still Loving Myself by Shay Sharpe | What Not to Wear… When You Have One Breast by Melissa Jansen | Lemonade From Lemons with Desiree Maldonado and Cathy Gigante-Brown | Rising From the Ashes: Introducing Paula Mozen | Living with MBC: I Don’t Look Like the Breast Cancer Patient You’re Expecting by Emily Garnett | BONUS: Exclusive by artist Marianne DuQuette Cuozzo: Coloring Sheets Pull-Out (print version of the issue only)

PLUS: Reader Stories | Open Your Heart: Yoga | A Case For Chocolate: Nutrition | Grown-Up Chocolate Pudding With Raspberries: Recipe | Writing Prompt: Starting From Scratch

Additional Contributors: Eileen Dahl, Dana Dinerman, Natalie Holland, Krissy Johnson, DeAnna Miller, Lisa Vento Nielsen, Victoria Rego, Elizabeth Toth, Terri Tyndall, Stacey Young

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Vol 3, No 2. Apr/May 2018

Cover: Bianca Muñiz

Value by Melissa Swadley Allbritten | Combating Post-Cancer Depression by Anna Crollman | My Time With the Dangerous Ones by Dianne Russell Wraight | Brave Face: A Photo Story by Bianca Muniz | Permission to Grieve (Your Breasts) by Kim Harms | The Trauma of it All by Megan-Claire Chase | Your Illness Makes Me Uncomfortable: An Illustrated Story by Cancer Confessions | Cancer Famous: An Anonymous Guide | Rising From the Ashes: Introducing Beautiful Self | Living with MBC: An Interview with Rebecca Hall Dickson

PLUS: Reader Stories | Breath of Fresh Air: Yoga | You Can Begin Again At Any Time: Nutrition | Mellow Kudzu Elixir: Recipe | Writing Prompt: Bite-Size Pieces

Additional Contributions: Shelley Dion, Beth Fairchild, Monica Haro, Shannon Lewis, Kathryn Martin, Emily-Kate Niskey, Jennifer Shuler, Natascia Signorile, Starling Wickes

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Vol. 2, No. 5. Feb/Mar 2018

Guest Editor: Melissa McAllister

Flipping the Fertility Coin by Claire DiCenzo | No by Melanie Childers | The Art of the Body: An Art Story by Marianne DuQuette Cuozzo | My Truth by Shana Rains | Living in the Chaos of Forced Menopause by Natasha "Pineapple Girl" | Dear Future Child by Diana Vega | My Whirlwind Two Weeks of Fertility Treatments by Allisyn Kalb Perez | What to Expect When You're Not Expecting: Fertility Resources

PLUS: Reader Stories | Nature Warrior Yoga | The Secret of Cooking for One | Salmon Nicoise with Olive, Mint, and Capers Vinaigrette | Writing Prompt: To Love What is Mortal

Additional Contributors: Jeannine Canino-Bieda, Claire D., Melissa Graham, Melissa Kaufman, Tine Pollard, Diana Vega

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MBC: YOUNG & STAGE IV (Vol. 2, No. 4) Nov/Dec 2017

Cover: Chiara D'Agostino

Just Fine: A Poem | Fighting for a Diagnosis by Faith Kosmack | Flat at Last: A Photo Story by Chiara D'Agostino | Living a Fulfilling Life Despite MBC by Rebecca Hall Dickson | Why Pinktober Makes Me Want to Puke | Above All, I Choose Joy by Katie Edick | S-E-X by Krista Curley | Lice Doesn't Care If You Have Cancer by Melanie Masterson | I am Clear, Not Cured by Dana Dinerman | Rising From the Ashes with Ginger Johnson | Final Thoughts on MBC: 2nd Annual Stage IV Stampede by Beth Fairchild and The Emotional Whiplash of My Wife's MBC by Kevin Hislop

PLUS: Reader Stories | Love Thy Spine Yoga | Feeling the Chaos? Food Can Help Your Mood | Triple Brittle Recipe |  Writing Prompt: The One Thing

Additional Contributors: April Doyle, Katie Edick, Tiffany Foust, Jennifer Hendryx, Shellie Long Kendrick, Dana L., Sarah Pascual, Debbie Wampler, Hayley Wray


NEW NORMAL (Vol. 2, No. 3) Sept/Oct 2017)

In Service of Other Young Survivors by Felicia Mahone | Blessing in Disguise by Summer Adcock | The Bald Bombshell: A Photo Story by Shellie Long Kendrick | Self-Love Was the Hardest Thing to Learn by Renee Sendelbach | Intimacy and Nipplelessness by Jessica Semmel | In Search of a Workout That Doesn't Hurt My New Body by Emily-Kate Niskey | Rising From the Ashes with Dana Stewart and Marnie Rustemeyer | Living with MBC: My New Normal by Faith Kosmack 

PLUS: Reader Stories | Standing Strong Yoga | The Immune System: What Is It? | Avocado Citrus Salad Recipe | Triple Citrus Cooler Recipe | Writing Prompt: A Strange Gift

Additional Contributors: Abbie Matza, Christy Redfern, Dawn Ressler, Erica Moeller, Jessica Kluzek, Katie Edick, Marcia Snyder, Patricia Linares, Rebecca Swift, Renee Sendelbach, Ronni Pruitt, Schancey Capman, Tina Pirlot, Tricia Ryan-Noonan, Zolzaya Boldbaatar

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BODY (Vol. 2, No. 2) July/Aug 2017

Guest Editor: Dana Dinerman

Privilege by Christi Salcedo | Molting by Stori Nagal | Haus of Volta Pinups: A Photo Story | Diary of a Mastectomy and Reconstruction by Renata Gortan | Summer Styles for Survivors by Survivors | Rising From the Ashes with Tara Dunsmore and Tina Doueihi | Lemonade from Lemons: Beautiful Chest Tattoos with Starling Wickes and Mandy Giannattasio | Living with MBC: Fighting with Myself by April Doyle

PLUS: My Body, My Choice Reader Stories | Open Your Chest Yoga | Your PhD in Healing With Food | Magic Mineral Broth Recipe | Writing Prompt: Scars

Additional Contributors: Melissa Tang, Maegan Molnar, Alice-May Purkiss, Amberly Conolly, Shelly Sanders, Diana Vega, Bobbie Niehaus, Kristyn McCarthy, Amandine Hermant, Jennifer Hendryx, Ramona Johnson, Michelle Calvello, Paula Barnard, Susan Gonzalez, Jennifer Phillips, Carolyn Coulombe, Sandrine Dugast, Laurie Liming, Kathryn Martin, Vicky Finch, Alice Santurri, Jane Villarrea

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social media cover edit.jpg

LOVE: How Our Cancer Affects Our Closest Relationships (Vol 2, No 1) May/June 2017

The Love that Holds Me Together by Rebecca Hall Dickson | Love Is... by Nalie Agustin | 10.1.2065 by Summer Adcock | Love. At Last. by Leslie Marcinko | Alone into the Alone: A Mother Daughter Relationship Tested by Natalia Ivanova | A Wonderful Disaster by Lara Honnor | The Sex Thing: Takeaways and Practical Advice for Rebuilding Intimacy Today | Cancer Owl by Matthew Pew Mewhorter  

fertility cover final.jpg

FERTILITY AFTER CANCER (Vol 1, No 6) Dec. 2016

Unfinished Business by April Johnson Stearns | Everyone Assumes I'll Have a Baby... But Me by Jeannine Canino | When Society Has a Harder Time With My Infertility Than I Do by Natalia Ivanova | Coming to Terms With Elective Infertility by Kathryn Martin | Oh Hey, I Just Met You But Guess What? Navigating Post-Cancer Fertility on the Dating Scene by Claire DiCenzo | Egg Collection Was a Lifeline in a Dark Time by Tracey Brown | My Post-Cancer Miracle Baby (and Breastfeeding After Mastectomy) by Karlee Excell | I Had to Choose: My Health or My Babies (A Cancer Patients View of Abortion) by Lisa Cannon | What to Expect When You're *NOT* Expecting: Resources

Issue 5 cover.jpg

MBC: YOUNG & STAGE IV (Vol 1, No 5) October 2016

MBC Patients "Stampede" for More in Washington by Beth Fairchild | My Teacher Has Cancer by Amanda Ross | NED by Lily R. Young | My Son is My Miracle by April Doyle | Learning to Live by Jamie Burchfield | Renee in Cancerland introducing Artist Renee Sendelbach | Working Invisibly With MBC by Faith Kosmack | Bonus: Melanie Masterson, Faith Kosmack, Shelie Long Kendrick, Lisa Cannon, Rebecca Hall Dickson

parenting cover.jpg

PARENTING WITH CANCER (Vol 1, No 4) Sept 2016

Thirteen Musings on Motherhood During Cancer Treatment by Tine Pollard | Parenting with Cancer: Life Doesn't Stop by Melanie Masterson | Breastfeeding a Miracle Baby After Mastectomy by Karlee Excell | Mommy, Do You Need a Band-Aid For Your Boobie Boo-Boo? by Alyssa Smith | The Hard Lessons: Learning to Accept Help by Dana Dinerman | How a Foob Saved the Day by April Johnson Stearns | I Was Afraid of Being Bald, But My Daughter Needed Me Not To Be by Heidi Lamprecht | Having 'The Conversation' About Stage IV With My Kids by Faith Kosmack | Children's Voices: Mom's Interview Their Kids About Breast Cancer | Children's Voices, Part 2: Building a Legacy to Honor Our Mom by Jenny & Leslie Scagno | Resources: Children's Books For When Mom Has Cancer by April Johnson Stearns | The Coolest Mommy: Does She Exist? by Kesha Haggans

2_canoes_wildfire_cover edit.jpg

NEW NORMAL (Vol 1, No 3) July 2016

Running Away by Jenn McRobbie | The Story of Goo & Gull by Shellie Long Kendrick | Catalyst by Stori Nagel | Nobody's Perfect by Emily-Kate Niskey | My New Normal by Marcia Snyder | An Ounce of Prevention and a Pound of Cure by Bionic Boobies | Confronting the Jerk in the Mirror by April Johnson Stearns | My Ordinary World is in the Pool by Rebecca J. Hogue | Waiting for My Fix by Suzanne Zuppello


LOVE IN THE TIME OF CANCER (Vol 1, No 2) May 2016

Heat Lightening by Emily Helck | Let the Post-Cancer Dating Games Begin by Dana Stewart | Surprise! We're Married! by Lisa Cannon | BRCA1+, A Preventative Mastectomy, and the Man Who Never Left My Side by Charlotte Wood | Love is Bald by Lara Honnor | First Comes Cancer Then Comes Divorce by Beth Gainer | The Elephant in the Room by Barbara Musser | A Confidence-Building Post-Mastectomy Boudoir Shoot by Laura Hughes & Tatum Reid | When you Smile, I Smile by Abbie R. Matza | Can We Talk About Vaginal Rejuvenation by Barbara Musser | Yes! No. Maybe? Tool For Creating a Blueprint for Consent & Desire



PHOENIX (Vol 1, No 1) March 2016

Hair by Rebecca Hall Dickson | The "C" Word by Nalie Agustin | I'll Never Wear a Wedding Ring by Nicole McLean | Just Hold Me by AnnMarie Otis | WTF?! by Bionic Boobies | Not Quite Alive by Dona Bumgarner | Homecoming by April Johnson Stearns | My Hail Mary Pass by Lori Medlen | A Friend's Unique Post-Op Gift by AnnMarie Otis and Genevieve Fridley | About the Bewbies! by Tracey Noce

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